Air Freight

Pacific Trust Express Air Freight Shipping service is ready when you must move your time sensitive goods by air. We offer door-to-door and airport-to-airport Pacific trust Express Air Shipping service to major metropolitan areas around the globe. Pacific trust Express provides the most reliable international Air Freight Shipping services for your international shipments.

Air freight services

Our air freight facilities are conveniently located close to airports streamlining the movement of urgent air freight shipments. Backed by our Transport team are on the ground to ensure a smooth transition for all last mile delivery requirements. As an end to end supply chain service, we offer:

  • Airport-to-airport services
  • Door-to-airport services
  • Airport-to-door services
  • Door to door services

Whatever your needs, we can tailor a solution to add value to your business. We offer all kinds of air freight services, including customs handling and distribution to your end customer. 

Air freight Network

Through our growing global network we are able to offer a full suite of import and export air freight services to and from any destination worldwide. By partnering with premier airlines, we are able to control transit times, space allocation and offer greater flexibility allowing us to deliver a premium service to you and your customers. Our global network and extensive international agency will always tailor the right solution to get your product where it needs to be. 

Air freight tracking

We understand air freight is a premium international freight service and will most likely be time-critical. Our branches globally use the same technology meaning your team can rely on real time data accuracy and visibility anywhere in the world.